ThirdACTion Film Festival to screen Her Last Project in October

Part of the “I did it my way” series of screenings, Her Last Project will screen at the 2020 ThirdACTion Film Festival on SATURDAY OCT 24 @ 4:30 PM. Director, Rosvita Dransfeld, will be one of the speakers for this series. Learn more about this exciting (virtual) festival and find out how to buy tickets online.

One thought on “ThirdACTion Film Festival to screen Her Last Project in October

  1. This film was honest, real & emotional ! I had many mixed feelings about MAID & the right to choose when you die. I suppose this is the religious/spiritual side of me. I was raised Catholic, one part of me said you don’t decide your hour of death, the other part of me says doctors are blessed with the gift\capability to end pain & suffering . Dr. Sarwal was able to say goodbye to her friends & family, with laughter, hugs and tears.
    I still have a lump in my throat, upon her death she saved 3 lives through organ donation. In the end all we need is to be remembered for who we are and what we have left behind.
    God Bless her with eternal life !


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